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Knotty Junior

Age: Children of 7yrs old and above Time: 2 Hours

  • 65 Singapore dollars
  • BBGB Campsite

Service Description

Looking to get your little adventurers outside and add a change to their routine? All of our Junior Squad programs and all of our educational tours are perfect for that! We offer multiple kids-based programs to introduce them to the great outdoors, teach them a few new skills, and help bring out their inner adventurer. Once a child has made a connection with nature, it is forever with them. Knot tying is a regular activity programs. We’ve been surprised at the number of children we meet who are unable to tie the simplest of knots (the saying, ‘if you can’t tie knots, tie lots!’ comes to mind here). We also tend to see a lot of Velcro on the shoes children are wearing, and not only on younger children. We believe in the power of knot tying. The universal skill that everyone should have in their tool kit and the ‘rites of passage’ kind of process children go through when building structures like shoe rack. Even the simple shoelace, kite string, ribbon bow or technique for attaching a cape involves knots. Teaching knot tying isn’t an extra-curricular activity – it is a core skill that not only builds capacity and competence which allows more elaborate play to ensue, but also contributes to the development of the foundations required for so many other important skills (like reading, writing, spelling and problem solving). The simple act of tying a knot (whether it be a granny knot/overhand knot, reef knot or square lashing) involves the ‘practice’ of the following skills: -Hand-eye coordination -motor skill (Bilateral coordination to work both hands on the same task ). -Pincer grasp to pinch then hold something securely between the thumb and pointer finger -Hand strength development of the small muscle

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