Kayaking 2 Star Course

Accredited by Singapore Canoe Federation. Pre-requisite: SCF 1 Star

  • Started Aug 28
  • 130 Singapore dollars
  • Kallang Water Sport Center

Service Description

The 2 Star Course reinforces and builds upon the 1 Star skills. It gives the participants an opportunity to broaden their skills. All of the 2 Star techniques will be covered including moving sideways and steering effectively. In addition, participants will learn how to rescue others – and how to be rescued using the T/X-Rescue. Participants will also learn how to rescue themselves, with assistance from others (Eskimo bow rescue).They will also take part in a sheltered water journey to help them understand more about safety, leadership and group skills. They will finish the course with a clear understanding of what is required for the 2 Star Award. Proposed Programme Session / Day 1 • Safety Brief • Theory on: Personal Equipment, Simple knowledge of tides and currents, Weather hazards, Environment hazards. 
 • Revision of Kayaking 1 Star Skill 
 • Spin the kayak on the spot using alternate forward and reverse sweeps 
 • J draw and classic draw 
 • Stern rudder 
 • Basic use of edge control 
 • Basic low support and recovery 
 • -Basic high support and recovery 
 • Review on Session/Day 1 

 Session / Day 2 • Recap on Day 1 
 • Low brace turns with understanding of edge control 
 • Capsize and wet exit with retention of kayak and paddle 
 • X rescue as a rescuer and patient 
 • Kayak to swimmer rescue (bow carry) 
 • Eskimo bow rescue as a patient 
 • Review on Day 2 Session / Day 3 • Recap on Day 2 
 • Beginning of sculling draw strokes 
 • Beginning of bow rudder (blade placed between bow and cockpit) 
 • Short expedition 
 • Debrief & Closing

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Cancellation Policy

In the event of any cancellations or reschedule, a notice in writing is required to be submitted to School of Outdoor Learning Pte Ltd. When a notice of cancellation or reschedule is received, the following cancellation or reschedule fee is applicable: Cancellation Fee 1) Up to 31 days prior to Event - 10 % of total cost 2) Between 30 to 15 days prior to Event - 30 % of total cost 3) Between 14 to 08 days prior to Event - 40 % of total cost 4) Between 07 to 04 days prior to Event - 50 % of total cost 5) Less than 04 days prior to Event or “no show” - 100% of total cost

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